Raw & Rugged Plain Jane bar
  • Raw & Rugged Plain Jane bar

    Made with: Love, Castor oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil and Sodium Hydroxide 
    This bar is Our version of a “Castile” bar Castile soap is made exclusively with vegetable oils. There is no lard, tallow, or other animal fats in a Castile soap. These oils give the soap its lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing properties. Castile soap is unique due to It both being gentle and strong. Its gentle on skin because it's made from saponified oils that have hydrating properties, but it's an equally powerful cleanser that can tackle even the most stubborn grime.  
      This is very mild no additives making it ideal for children, those sensitive skin or those who just love a mild bar that will leave you feeling squeaky clean. This bar also makes a fantastic facial cleanser
    Soap doesn’t have to be Pretty to be extremely beneficialShop This Raw & Rugged bar
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