“Everywhere Care”  2oz

“Everywhere Care” 2oz

“Everywhere care” is Our beneficial, multi use cream. Ideal for hair, skin and beard care. Ingredients providing:   Rich in vitamins A and E, Mango Butter has a deep moisturizing and regenerative effect on both skin, scalp and hair. It fortifies strands from the inside out, softens dry hair, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends. With consistency also helps prevent premature aging and protects your skin from sun damage.   A lightweight, non greasy and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores). It is also antibacterial and can help soothe acne inflammations. Not only can it help nourish acne prone skin, it can also help reduce breakouts by signaling the skin to start producing less sebum. And that’s just the mango butter   This cream is also packed with other high quality plant based oils and essential oil as well as vitamins and minerals. A little goes a long way when using this ProductSkin care:   Massage on skin after bath or showerHair care:   Can be used on wet or dry hair to lock in moistureApply small amount in palm of hand and rub evenly throughout hair as well as ends, then style as desired Beard care:  Use as your daily beard care, rub throughout beard then comb or brush to spread evenly 
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