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What is Hair Care?

Of course I'm going to give you the BeautiesByte definition. Hair care is consistency, constant on going maintenance. You want healthy hair, you have to work at it and maintain it. Its so easy to mask your Hair with Braids, Wigs, Low Hair cuts, Weaves but it still needs to be nourished. How does one nourish hair? You begin at the Scalp! The Scalp is the route (lol see what I did there) to healthy, consistent, strong, thriving Hair. Keeping a clean Scalp by applying Our amazing Nourishing Hair Balm allows Your pores to be clean and free of build up, that can clogs pores which stunts growth. Our oil helps maintain moisture by absorbing right into Your Scalp once applied (it literally melts right in) penetrating the hair shaft (locking in moisture). Nourishing hair balm contains ingredients (Pure Carrier and Essential oils only) well known to grow hair (faster then normal, if applied consistently) grow thicker hair by stimulation at the root(Those who have shopped with Us can attest NHB is a great product to add to your Hair care routine) Because its Nourishment We all need and Growth We all want. It also has many other benefits such as being a Natural detangler, Frizz and Dandruff reduction, adds and maintains shine (We all need that Hair Glow Ok!), has anti fungal, anti bacterial properties helping to reduce shedding, anti inflammatory properties making It extremely gentle for Those Who may suffer from Scalp issues such as, Scalp Eczema or Psoriasis......just to name a few....

So to recap..... Hair Care is Nourishing Your Hair at the root, Maintaining a clean healthy Scalp plays a huge part in Hair care and Hair growth. Natural Products are the way to go.

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