What I (Darya) want you to know about Our brand

Ok BeautiesByte LLC consist of myself and my daughters Amonyai & Ameii......But this blog is just Me (Darya)

I want you all to know I pride so much in BeautiesByte I eat sleep write day dream of what Our brand is and slowly becoming. We make posts about feedback and reviews because we truly care what you think and if there is something that can be adjusted on Our end We want to do Our best to make it happen. I want you all to know that We hand mix, melt, pour, stir, preserve, cure every single product we sell. All ingredients are researched and used for a trial basis for benefits and results feedback. And we make sure that the best quality ingredients are used in every product. Just like any other brand I want Us to be a household name, it’s possible‼️Most Successors started with a idea and work and trust I’m over here working trying to be the worlds Hair & Skin care lol, something great for my kids. A role model other than just Mom to show them, that you can do and truly be anything you want.

As much as I worked for someone else all these years and I’ve worked HARD for others for them not to give two shxts about me as an employee, I’m replaceable to them....... But when you run your own show...Your never replaceable. So I just want anyone who shops with Us, refers Us, Inquires about Us. It’s extremely appreciated you are and what will keep Us going and growing and for that We will ALWAYS provide you with the Best Hair and Skin care as well as customer service

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