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Hey Guys Welcome to my blog (Darya). For the new comers, this is my outlet, my safe space to share my world of being a single mom and my journey along Entrepreneurship. I’m very raw, so there is no filter here! I don’t sugar coat a thing lol. You will read about the good, bad and even the ugly. Again this is a safe space so feel free to share what you like, also feel free to recommend topics. I’m a open book, I didn’t use to be because I was a afraid of being judged. Now, I realized (in my healing and growth journey, which I’m still on daily) that baby I’m human, there’s no such thing as perfection, life is full of choices so when you make them LIVE IN THEM and something I’ve endured there’s someone out there who experiencing as well. I’m living in my flaws, following a secret dream and now just am enjoying the ride. Thank you for subscribing, shopping and help make myself and kids brand possible.

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