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Peace Everyone I've been trying so hard to stay consistent with my blog but it's so hard lol. Hard only because in my down time which is minimal, I try to sleep. Just to catch the New Comers up, this blog is my own little personal outlet for Our customers to read the personal side of who's making your products. Also insight on a single momma who's an overachiever run and grow a business with no experience what so ever. Lol Now .... yes I try to sleep in my free time which is part of why I have been slacking with my blog entries. So it's myself and my girls/business partners 16 & 6 and they can be real Sass pots at times. So handling them making sure I'm present for them jointly and separately, being in school full time, I also have been taking hair appts to also help promote our new hair products (which will be available soon), finding time for myself, take time to make products, make dinner a few nights a week. I'm also a few things outside of my home to others such as I'm a sister, aunt, friend and I've even been told I'm a role model (who lil ol' me) am beyond flattered. Behind the scenes I truly work so very hard to break generation curses and trying to create generational wealth. I wasn't born into a rich family but my goal is to be one for my generations to come. I think I work and push myself so hard because I came from a very very dark space and didn't deal with a lot of my childhood trauma as well as young adult traumas until I was much older. I never want my girls to be what I once was or to feel and hold on to half for what I did. In this self care, self love, self work journey of mine, sky is really the limit, words are powerful and anything you want is obtainable when the work is being done. Some of you recall my former profession was a dialysis tech great job great money but a lot of work. Baby, if someone would have told me that I single handedly would be an entrepreneur a few years ago I'd burst out laughing and would have hit them with a "yea alright" It's not easy over here but the peace I have found is something truly different and I won't let it go for anyone. I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm blessed and Resiliant! So happy to be in this space & journey Thank you for reading, more entries to come. Please drop topics and feel free to pick my brain in the comments. You are appreciated!

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