The Devil stays busy

Greetings Beautiful People Happy Saturday hope all is healthy and blessed with you all. So if you have been looking for Us on social media no worries We are having some issues but will be up and running again soon. In the mean time you can always check us out here online.

It seems soon as we get certain things rolling with the brand something always seem to usually goes wrong but I realize its part of the growth as well as the process of being a business owner. Also once Im over being upset or stressed I realize that the bad is also a learning experience and a way for me to do things another way.... finding a new solution to my issues. Some may think why is social media important for a business. I feel its showing your potential customers what your brand is up close and personal. Social media gives a vivid inside look on what your trying to sell and also shows who you are. Ive learned those who shop with you want to know a bit about you and that totally matters. I want to show my customers who we are as a brand and family, what we are about, how we make your products and how beneficial they are for you. I need for you all to know who we are and how we operate, and that we truly take pride in building this brand because it serves a huge purpose. Us making and catering to hair and skin health allows me to serve my purpose which is to help others. As a women I truly know how sensitive hair ad skin issues can be so I truly pride in my craft .

So with that being said You can find Us on TicTok, Twitter and snap chat. We are also working on new products as well so stay tuned. BeautiesByte's journey is no where near over. A few bumps in the rode but we will still keep moving.

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