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Special Announcement

Greetings All

First and foremost thank you so much for shopping with us and trusting us with your hair and skin care. It has been 3 years since we begin this journey, it hasn’t been easy but has been an extremely humbling journey and (Me) Darya am so grateful and thankful because you are who are helping us evolve! I learned my purpose early which is to help people, that’s why I chose the medical field and I thrived while in it. When my time came to walk away I truly was butt hurt and felt like a failure. Pushing through all the obstacles life began to throw after loosing my job not realizing my Purpose was still in my face which is BeautiesByte. I (We) are helping many nationwide and some overseas with hair and skin issues this feeling of achievement is different from any other because it’s our own recipes that are serving purpose. I think I will forever be in awe of what we have been blessed to do. My sole visible is to a one stop shop for self care and we are really on our way. So I made a decision that I fought with for some time because I was just nervous but had to get over it sooooo thanks to you all with your consistent business and pretty much selling us out at events and shopping with us online We will have a permanent location starting July 23rd full details coming soon ☺️

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