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Single Mom

I take pride in my title. I am a single mom, not because I’m not married but because I truly take care of my girls on my own. Of course they have dads that I chose but they don’t do their part so that leaves Me to make sure my babies are ALWAYS taken care of. I know many judge and say “well you knew who you were dealing with”. For the most part that is so true BUT when you love someone you are truly blinded by many things. Also, people will play a part of how they should be and eventually true colors show themselves. When those colors come to surface sometimes your already in to deep and you have to find a way out or you keep dealing. Yea I’m human (full of error) I dealt with nonsense in both of my relationships. But when I was done I was done. No I haven’t and will never be bitter. Yes in both relationships I had some serious hurt feelings because having a baby with someone is suppose to be a beautiful and loving situation. In both cases it was one sided. Ok for me because them not stepping up pushed me to find my fire, my power and my ability to make shit happen for me and my kids. Being a single mom, had put me in situations that I had no clue I could conquer or overcome. My kids were also my choice so in my mind they deserve the world, even if it’s only me giving it to them. Bad relationships can cause trauma and bitterness but when I saw those ugly words becoming my reality I had to fix it, not just for me but my babies. Your trauma can easily spill over onto your kids and I don’t and didn’t want that for me and mine because it happened to me. I am a product of childhood traumas but I work on me daily to be a better me for my girls. Im a firm believer that kids need both parents but I also believe that if all you have is 1 good functioning parent that’s just as good.

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