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Running a business isn’t for Everyone

Starting a business takes time, patience, of course some money and a lot of hard work.....Running a business .....Tuh‼️ Many sleepless nights, a lot of bumps in the road, defeat, stress, caffeine, a lot of your time, all of your patience and some hair loss... Just to name the down side of things lol. Starting a business from scratch is no walk in the park and it truly takes time and trial and error before your business draws some traction.

You yourself have to believe in your brand before others will and you also have to present something that people need and will want to buy. You have to be knowledgeable of ALL factors of what your putting out there because people will ask questions and you need to know understand and be able to deliver a definite proper answer to show you’ve researched you know what your talking about and that also lets the customer feel comfortable that your not just tryna sell them anything, Knowledge is Power (pun intended and it’s so freaking true) the more you know the more interested people become and boom here come some potential customers. 🗣Customer Service is Huge when running a business. My fav line is “Treat Those how You want to be Treated” good bad or ugly situation with a customer do your best to stay calm and provide them with your policy options on how you can assist if they have any issues. Also cover your butt and have disclaimers as well as your policy’s visible on your site or however your promote your brand and or products. In my opinion never be a serial entrepreneur unless one of your ventures successful. I say that because it cost money to start new ventures also time so when you jump around your not giving that one idea time to manifest into what it could potentially be. But if you have money to do so have at it lol. I balls on a budget so I’m very frugal with me coins!

I’m no mogul yet but I sure am working on it. I eat sleep and breath BeautiesByte I love helping others and that was my prior profession a Dialysis tech I was giving people life but now with BeautiesByte I’m still helping but I’m helping with Confidence something that doesn’t always come easy for some. I say we give confidence confidently because Hair & Skin issues can absolutely leave one feeling uncertain of how they look which can play on how you feel when you look at yourself or when someone else sees you. We are Hair & Skin care that Everyone needs We are extremely knowledgeable of all of Our products, uses as well as what each ingredient benefit is. Come and shop with Us.

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