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Running a business is very OVERWHELMING at times

Just because You work from home for Yourself DOES NOT mean things are easier!

Of course its a blessing and Im extremely thankful... Keep in mind (me I like to save money where I can sooo) Im maker of all products (with the help of Moni & Meii) I create and print out some of Our labels, I run all social media platforms, responder to all messages and email, pack orders, book keeper, supply orderer aaaaaannnd I do the taxes. Sounds like a lot and it IS but I feel like in order for me to hire someone for anything, I need to know and understand ALL that goes on. So for my fellow business owners and those considering. You are capable just keep going.

Also running a business I feel One needs ALOT of mental peace. Meaning you can't be a dweller, You gonna deal with the problems as they come because lets be real problems come but they never last ya know. May sound crazy to some but I highly recommend Therapy and Meditation if You know you carry many things with you.

When I first began BeautiesByte 2018 ugh Chile what wasn't wrong lol but I wasn't looking at the bigger picture. Then I had a good job a place for me and my kids to eat and sleep and they were and are healthy. I was carrying personal and emotional issues, I couldn't take criticism, I wasn't eating or sleeping properly and those are just a few examples. Giving those to say I was dealing and not dealing (read that prt again) with things that were weighing me down. So if im not mentally or emotionally stable how the hell am I properly going to convince people to shop and buy from me. How can I properly deal with a nasty customer, how could I deal with an unsatisfied customer, how pleasant could my customer service really be?

As I began to deal first it was for myself, then my kids and then my business. Self love is the best love right? I never want to harbor things on to my children and I want my customers to know and see sincerity and dedication.

Once I stopped stressing and living business began to sell itself. I truly know the customers feel and know the extent of love I/We put into products. And when I say I/We love your skin that is a fact, We truly do

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