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Not Everyone will or wants to support You

Entrepreneur‘ing is far from easy and def is NOT a weak mans game. There’s so much to know and learn and realistically you can’t find it all in one place, no matter how many “great jewels” came from one area. It’s takes time, research, trial and error as well as asking those who were there before you. Its asking “The ones who were there before you” for me. It is sad and crazy how you seek help in those who are on their way or made it and are completely disregarded. I always wonder is it a “I made it so I’m better than you thing” or “I made it and I don’t want to help you” or “I made it and I don’t want you to make it”??? Like who the hell has love for the struggle but don’t want to drop knowledge for the next. I’ve found that to be extremely weird lol. If I’m knowledgeable of something and someone is seeking me out for help....I’m going to do my best to provide what I know. Just because you give someone info doesn't mean they will even use it or use it properly. Two people could be selling the same thing but both will generate their own customers because they will have different labels, promote different make videos or diff post. They will be drawing in a crowd customized around them and how they promotes. All of this to say.... it never hurts to share info to help the next

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