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Never give Up

If there is something that you truly want to do...... DO IT! Nothing worse than living with a “What if”

The way things are going in my life right now, I would have never imagined as to why I’m so glad I took a chance .....Also I had some amazing encouragement from some really wonderful genuine people in my life ❤️

Take it from me..... I lived at my 9-5, ddnt always have people to help me with my kids, living pay check to pay check forreal, sometimes couldn’t work because I had no one to watch my kids and the fact it was just Me doing everything (shxt was stressful as hell)

BeautiesByte has put me in the position to where 🗣 I don’t need and don’t have to ask anyone to watch my kids...

I’m able to be home with them and still work and provide for them Not to mention show them you can be your own boss and just really be hands on with my parenting

Now don’t get me wrong running a growing business is a lot more than I could have imagined and I absolutely be overwhelmed at times ..... But the difference now is being overwhelmed when it’s YOUR brand is a feeling I don’t want to stop.... Far from rich but I’m over here working on my first million ...... Glad to be here ❤️

Don’t let fear hold you back from your greatness

BTW I started my business with $100 that I didn’t really have but glad I did spent it

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