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My (Darya) Purpose

I made my career choice early on and just knew I wanted to be a Nurse(this was my 2nd choice). I chose the medical field because I wanted to help people. Enrolled myself in community college in the early 2000s to start my journey but you know life happens so I went time school on and off for years. It was talking much longer than expected because I’d have to stop to work more or baby sitting issues (I had my oldest so I took a 3yr break)

Trying to make a living for myself and raise a kid wasn’t easy, school wasn’t going as planned. I enrolled in grade school and obtained my certification as a Dialysis tech. To me it was just as good as being a nurse and I was still helping people boom still being true to what I wanted to do for a living. Dialysis was good to me for a while, I made great money, was able to independently support myself and now my 2 children but I noticed I was lacking a lot of time with my kids, my physical appearance wasn’t the same I was overworked and sleep deprived. I worked 12-16hr shifts 3-6 days a week. But again money was great my bills were paid I was able to satisfy my kids needs as well as their wants. On the work side you know job dynamics are the worst at times. At this point I’ve been in the medical field for 10 + years and dialysis for about 8 give it take. I was at my breaking point it wasn’t about the money anymore I knew I needed a change..... but what? I still needed to fulfill my purpose which was to help People.....As I made my products over the years never thought of selling them but here I am 2 years in with a growing business “Helping People” my way with MY products. Saying all of this to say We All have a purpose and the way you do the work may change but you still serve your purpose


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