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Mothering a Busy Kid

Hey Yall

Those who follow & shop with Us know Our brand is made up of myself my oldest daughter Amonyai who is just about 14 and my baby Ameii the Firecracker who is just about 4. Let me be the first to tell those with 1 child and thinking about another...........please proceed with caution. It is something truly different about child number 2. My Moni (my oldest) was a sweet, calm, easy going, go with the flow & listened to instructions kind of kid and for the most part is the same as a teen minus the hormones and what not. But that dam Ameii chile that girl other than being sweet when she feels like it, is a true piece of work and a total opposite of her sister in personality.

Ameii has no fear she walked before she was 10 months, climbed on everything that had/has height(it still occurs but she now uses a stool) she’s strong (can lift things she had no business lifting) with the strength and climbing she has sent me to the ER a few times from her climbing on something and jumping off before I could catch her (for those who are thinking why was she unattended, Ameii was/is fast, you blink she’s out the door kinda kid) slamming her own fingers in doors or cabinets and loosing a nail because she likes to be independent but moves way too fast by the way this is all before her first birthday lol. And that’s just naming a few things.

Fast forward to her almost turning 4. She’s still very independent which is a good and bad thing. Good thing is she’s determined and will try bad thing is she is hard headed and she has to do things her way extremely stubborn so in other words Home Girl listening skills aren’t good at all. She’s mischievous, I had to put an additional lock on my front door that she can’t reach (she was using a stool to unlock and open my front door) because She wanted to know the weather (while everyone else is sleep) Yall ...... I hate it here 😂😂 Being a Mom is very embarrassing and ghetto very often.

Going out to eat with Her tuhhhh recently just started taking her places again. Baby Girl shows out like I won’t Pop Her Leg but she could care less Warrior Ameii strong like bull, yells, screams, throws things, slides out of her chair, falls on the floor, don’t let Us be near someone, she’s totally gonna touch them, just utterly embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve ever been publicly embarrassed the way Ameii does me.

One day We were at a play gym, before Covid I use to take Her there to interact and run herself tired but as usual Ameii No limit soldier, bossing the other kids around, told a little girl there was only one Princess Ana and her name is Ameii and then snatched baby girls Ana clip on pony tail out. I swear my while face turned red that day but her mom happened to be sitting across from me watching and saw me embarrassed and ready to react. Lady calmly said no girl don’t worry my daughter is a disaster in public too serves her right for tryna be Ana. When I say we both just nurses out laughing because she instantly knew and related. So while my oldest shows me the sweet calm side of having a daughter and my baby shows me what it’s like to have a hyper active son, I wouldn’t change a thing because every story I have and look back on it’s always a wonderful memory. On that note I’m praying for y’all mothering a busy kid

This is a picture of Goldie Her Goldfish she thinks can live outside of water no matter how much I tell her she doesn’t. She takes Goldie out to sit on the rug to watch her play, she threw Goldie on me while I was asleep because Goldie wanted to play. Today she put Goldie in her LOL Doll pool because Goldie wanted to go on vacation

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