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Hey Guys

First, I always like to start off with thanking you for shopping, as well as subscribing and also just choosing our products to be part of your daily care.

So im just gonna jump right in. ENVY is a nasty trait to have. I say that to say, for those who follow and shop with us you know we have new pages. The reason for that is someone kept reporting our business pages for sexual content and nudity (weird and corny right) I had to keep appealing them and then one day the appeals didn't work and all of our pages were gone. For my entrepreneurs y'all know first hand social media helps play a huge part in promoting what you sell. I was pissed, defeated and pissed again because it took me time to build those pages as well as content creating a consistent flow of business. But I couldn't stay defeated, I had to find other avenues to promote (FB & IG wouldn't allow to make new pages) It took almost 2 months to be able to make new pages. In that time frame I made a Etsy page, more email marketing, placed my business cards on cars wherever I went, randomly handing them out when I was out and even just leaving them laying odd places lol. Yea I had to go hard to let people know we were still here.

Now to the point of someone purposely trying to sabotage my full time job. BeautiesByte has become my families main source of income among other things, and I'm so blessed and thankful for that. But for someone to intentionally try to ruin that is so cold hearted. My business pages were reported for a 6 month span, which goes to show it was being done on purpose. Probably someone I know which makes it more sad. As I reflected I've learned that when people do such things to someone that's nothing but bitterness and envy on the their part. One truly can't be happy with one's self and must be very stagnant in their life to be so devious. I feel when you see someone transitioning to greatness you're suppose to clap, you have no clue what they are coming from. Honestly I feel bad for those who don't know how to clap for the next person, with that usually their turn for great things never comes just from that nasty envious trait.

What I've learned from this was, I'm gonna figure a way to get back up and keep going, no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper, I'm blessed and highly favored, lastly the road to greatness is never an easy one.

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