If You believe in something keep going Your time is coming

We started BeautiesByte LLC in June of 2018 with just 1 product which has grown to be Our #1 seller NOW slightly over 2 years We have almost 50 natural products on Our still growing catalogue.

Just some insight I (Darya) have been making Our hair oil and body butter since 2007. Never even thought about selling them because they were just little personal items I made because the natural products I’d buy didn’t work for me and also I was young just starting out on my own in life as a new mom and really didn’t have the money to keep buying and trying things.

Fast forward I had and still have an amazing friend who saw my potential (she at the time had her own business and still does) and spoke so much positivity into me as well as motivation to turn my personal items into something more..... Here We are 2 years later just growing and glowing.

My advice is to start small, believe in what your doing and just keep pushing.... Your time is coming 💪🏽

Everyday I’m thankful BeautiesByte allows Me to show my business partners (My daughters) that you can do and be anything... not just what school tells you you should be

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