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I thought I Loved My Job until I started My Business pt2

Soooo just about 2 years into my business and so much has changed for the better (at first I thought some things were horrible) The hours as a Dialysis tech are far from bankers hours but as I said before 8 years in, I was making amazing money but working long hours missing out on time with my girls. I knew I still had to work full time for someone in order to take care of my babies & run a home. (so I thought) But Dialysis hours were running me down (on top of my back & neck getting jacked up in a car accident in 2017) I was just worn out and knew I had to find a job more convenient to my Babies. Lordt NOW I KNEW BETTER THAN TO DO COMPLETE PATIENT CARE lol but it was over night and I was home more with my girls. New problem with this job was I never slept and was always tired....yess thats a thing, all medical workers know! And with this job my days were now free (dialysis hours were 8a-11p sometimes, mostly because I needed any and all overtime ...true single mom) while Moni & Meii are at school to participate in any and all events to display Beauties Byte Products (that was within Our budget) Chile some event fee‘s are no joke. Now I’m learning how to “vend” I am now a “Professional Vendor” I can totally explain vending at each event is like your first day at a new school.... Exciting yet nerve wrecking because not only do you have to in Person sell “Your” Product to a complete stranger who has never heard of You not only that You have to sell Yourself and make this Person feel comfortable spending Their hard earned money with You............ To be continued

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