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I thought I loved my job until I started my business

Becoming a dialysis tech was ideal for me because I’d keep starting nursing school and have to stop because I may needed to work more so I could provide for my oldest and pay bills or lifes drama would occur and I’d have to stop. So when I completed dialysis school and got my first job, you couldn‘t tell me I wasnt glowing. I worked 3 days a week 12hrs or more aaaaaand was making great money. Over time I noticed all the great money I was making and things I could buy and stay ahead of my bills but what I also noticed was all the time I was away from home. But yet I still loved the fact that I was saving lives and my profession was a cousin to being a nurse. Fast forward my beautiful 2nd daughter was born, I stayed home for 6 months but when I had to go back to work it really broke my heart. The long hours away from my oldest and now new baby hurt but on the flip side I’m making a lot more money being that I’ve been in my profession for a few years at this point. I love my patients way more than my co workers lol again and loved that I had a helping hand in their health care. Now being at work long hours, consecutive days I’m truly missing out on my babies but hey I have to work right. In the mist of my profession the idea of selling my oil and body butter was given to me but payed it no mind thinking who’d buy my little products lol. Motivated by friends and family I started my little business with going on 2 years in business and 1 year registered as a business of NJ I couldnt be more proud of starting Beauties Byte LLC with my kids ............To be continued

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