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Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year, hope it's starting off happy and healthy and wishing you a great year.

So as for me, no real resolutions other than to continue working on my personal growth. Ive come a long way, the work daily is a struggle lol but I'm getting through. In my personal journey I'm also learning regardless of what you may have going on, if that heart isn't right you won't prosper! Everyones opinion is different but I feel your blessings come from others. As to why it's extremely important how you treat, talk and interact with others. I want and deserve so much out of this life, I had to get out of my own way to see and receive. With that I now make sure I work on me daily

(Unpopular opinion) Many of us grow up with childhood trauma we unknowingly or sometimes knowingly allow to dictate how we act and treat people. I was unaware for a long time. I was mean, extremely impulsive, distant, depressed, insecure plus much more. It was just very dark and lonely where I was, I was tired of being there and had to figure how to get out. The hardest part was admitting and accepting my issues but once I did that, the weight I was carrying slowly began to get lighter.

Fast forward, the journey is daily, nowhere near easy! Choosing Me officially for the first time was and is the best decision I could have done for me, my kids and my business. Damaged me didn't think out of the box, I didn't explore, wasn't a risk taker, I never saw the bigger picture. I was totally missing out on so much. So if your reading this and are having some issues....... IT IS OK! We ALL fall short but its all about how you get up and keep pushing. If you're reading this and you're doing the work you need for you, Im so proud of you and keep going.

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