Graduation Day

Today my oldest graduated middle school. It didnt really hit me until we got home.

I gave birth 13 years ago I was young, naive, selfish, mean, broken, uncertain of a lot of things but when my young ass held that baby and really looked her I knew I had to be better I knew I couldn’t pass my scars on to her I knew I had to give her the mother’s love I did not receive when I was growing up I just knew I had to get my act together and NOT be another struggling mother. Her Father and I didn’t work out he chose not to be present Ok ..... I still have to be the best for my baby I had to give her the best of me so I have to find a way to provide on my own I have to find a way to take care of this baby and satisfy all of her needs and some of her wants. I went to school I worked I got a good job I worked. I’m busting my ass for someone else but they are paying me great money. Now I can buy my baby this give her that but now I’m always at work. I’m never really home to spend time and when I am home I’m tired.

Fast forward I’m working, killing it financially but I’m not happy because while I can pay my bills I’m never home to enjoy or too tired to be with my daughter. I needed a change and fast I’m wearing myself out and spreading myself too thin. Due to the urging of some wonderful friends and family I took pride in a Dream which is BeautiesByte

I briefed you to get to the point that BeautiesByte has allowed me to give both my children all I ever wanted to give my children which is more of my time. We bond over making our products not to mention We are working, killing 2 birds with one stone as they say. To solely rely on BeautiesByte of course I had to budge cut down on things but those things I sacrificed could never compare to the time I’m spending with my girls. Also showing them how to strive and work for yourself. I pray We but this to be a household name but either way I’m here to tell You that all things are possible with faith, sacrifice & dedication. If someone would have told me 10yrs ago I’d be maintaining my home, kids and a small business by myself I would have laughed and said “I wish” but I did wish and I so proud to be where I am and where I’m going with my kids in tow

this post was made 6-18-20 My oldest 8th grade graduation. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it because I am a private person but shit if my struggles can inspire someone to push forward or not give up then I absolutely here to share what got me here and where it’s gonna take me

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