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Hope this post greets you well. Hope all is happy and healthy with you and your family.

If you follow us on social media (if you don't, you should ig: @beauties_byte_llc fb: @beautiesbytellc) you'd know that this weekend is our last weekend and we will be closing. Definitely NOT a bad thing, more bitter sweet. The 8 months we've been open has bought new customers, new subscribers (potential customers), new business relationships, more knowledge about business and so much more. As a brand, we are extremely proud of what has occurred in the time we have been open. Thank you to all who have came out and shopped with us in our store. Being that our location is closing DOES NOT mean we aren't available to serve you. Please check your emails and follow us on social media, as we will be posting various pop up events we will be participating in until the end of summer. We will be providing local delivery until July 31st, after we will be relocating to another state. With our relocation we truly hope that we will continue to be your choice for your personal care items.

Now some of you may be thinking.... If we aren't leaving until the end of the summer why close.... Great question! We were going to remain open but there are more pop ups becoming available with the warm weather and with the store we aren't able to attend as many as we would like. We enjoy and appreciate pop up shops because its new publicity, new customers, new potential customers, possible new business connections and so on. For us to be an upcoming business, pop up shops are very important to and for us. Also we have to travel to our new state monthly and thats racking up fees on our end for being closed. So we made the decision to close because it was best but never forget we are always available to assist with your needs from anywhere.

We love and appreciate EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER! YOU are who gave us our start.

-BeautiesBYTE LLC

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