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I was and still am a working mom, difference is now Im working on my own terms. Ive worked at a few group homes, was medical biller and coder, medical clerk, a nursing student. Ive dabbled in a few things because I was really unsure of what I wanted to do because I wanted to love it and have no issues going to it daily. One day my cousin enrolled in a dialysis class, he told me about it and the next day I popped up in his class, Y'all had to see the look he gave me (We always use to try to out do one another in a playful way, ever since we were kids) So he wasn't taking dialysis without me. Prior to me taking the dialysis class I had completed a decent amount of Nursing school but had to take a break due to being a single mom of 1 at the time and trying to work and spend time with my daughter. I was spreading myself way to thin so I took a break. During my break I realized I had to find something that was going to help make me some decent money, then dialysis happened. I went full time 4 days a week and with my work schedule my days rolled into one another. Monday I would go to class from 8a to 2p then work 3p-11p 11p-7a and right back to class from 8a-2p then another double shift at work. Id go to work on a Sunday afternoon at 3p and wouldn't see home until Thursday night. My daughter would be with my grandmother, thank god for FaceTime and I would drive 30mins from my job on break just to hug and kiss my baby because my new schedule was so demanding. I did that for 10 long ass months, so many times I wanted to quit but I knew the end would be so rewarding and it was.

Fast forward I've worked in dialysis for 9 years, when you put time in you make amazing money but on the flip side you are an essential worker and there's really no such thing as days off except for Sundays because the clinics are closed but you could be on call. I worked 12-16 hours 3-7 days a week (I would sign up to do patient watch because they would pay me my dialysis rate and it would put me over time or sign up to work in other locations) Now Im making great money but realizing that I still don't really get to enjoy home time with myself or daughter. I became pregnant with my second child in 2016 and was blessed to have been able to stay home with her until she was 6 months (my maternity leave was amazing with my job) I was struggling when I had to go back because I was dealing with post partum depression very bad. My job was going through a merge with another company so a lot of things began to change and I was struggling to adjust. Struggling because my hours were being changed and I was having sitter and pick up issues and so much more, it was just an absolute mess on top of my personal issues. Anyone who works in the medical field know how messy it gets when it comes to schedules, vacations, call outs, assignments and the list goes on............ To be continued

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