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A Piece of My Journey

I just would like to share part of my journey ... someone may need to hear about it.

I was already over worked unit was short staffed, too many patients. I wasn’t treated my worth, my hard work and dedication to my patients and job went unnoticed but I totally just stressed and dealt with it because I thought this was the only way to pay my bills and take care of me and my daughters.

This night I was pushed to my limit and made a choice that changed my life for the better. My decision ultimately ended in me loosing my job but was unfair because I was the only 1 reprimanded.

I stressed, I cried, lost weight, stressed some more until one day I had to get up and push forward. Not to mention finding another job was not easy so that added more stress. Monet began to dwindle so I then cashed out my 401k. With that, I invested more into Our brand, paid some bills down finally realizing BeautiesByte is that is needed.

2yrs later only for for the brand (sacrifices were def made to grow Our business) We had no cable for a few months, I had to down grade my car, budget spending like I’ve never budgeted before also side jobs like Uber, Door dash, I was also an Enumerator (these were all on my own time side hustles so they were extremely convenient) In order to prosper as an Entrepreneur I really had to humble myself and that’s when things got better. Any dream is obtainable you just gotta push forward, believe, sacrifice and keep going. Our story is just getting started ...... Stay tuned ❤️

Sb: You can clearly see how thin I was that wasn’t anything but stress, lack of sleep, depression and more stress

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