All of Our Products are natural, handcrafted and gentle enough for the entire Family, made with Love from Ours to Yours. Our Hair Oil is great for All grades of Hair, its extremely light and will not weigh hair down. It can be used on wet, or dry hair & styled as desired. Nourishing Hair Balm is what We like to call Our Multi-use hair care oil, it incorporates well with other products and its not just for growth Its for hair care, scalp care providing You with many amazing benefits if used with a consistent regimen. It also makes a remarkable beard care oil for you gentleman. As for Our Body Butter, that will provide your skin with complete moisture as well as maintaining it for hours. It will help cleanse Your pores also helping to reduce acne keeping Your skin clean and glowing. 

We now carry a few new products such as soaps and lip balm and will be adding a few more items over time. Here at Beauties Byte We want to be and satisfy all of your hair and body care needs, naturally. Shop with Us

My Discovery


 I'm Darya and My daughters Amonyai & Ameii are BeautiesByte LLC Just to give You a little insight on who makes Your Hair and Body care Products. I'm a Proud Single Mom and a Certified Dialysis tech. Rewind back almost 14 years, to Me having Amonyai, my hair began to shed uncontrollably, would not hold any moisture and was at a complete stand still with growth. Being a new Mom with bills, finding a good Product for my hair was becoming far-fetched and expensive.  So, Me being the "Frugal Franny" I am began to research Hair care remedies as well as info about your scalp, hair follicles, hair loss and a dozen other things. After insight, I became a "Mad Scientist" and began to mix many (emphasis on many) different concoctions, then testing them on my hair and scalp for a month or so to see if there was any change. Months go by, my hair is still shedding, scalp still dry, hair wouldn't retain moisture and now had noticeable bald spots. Young, self conscious, discouraged and frustrated that nothing was helping or working. I cut all my hair off and tried the last few ingredients I had left, that I didn't try together and with in my first 3 days of use I noticed how my itching subsided, my hair didn't look so dry. Day 5 of consistency my bald spots had little sprouts blooming (my bald spots were truly bald) still no itching, no flakes what so ever and my curls were much more defined, my texture was similar to what it use to be and when I ran my fingers through my hair there was evident reduction of shedding. Back then I was just excited I found a solution to my hair and scalp issues I would have never thought that was the very beginning of BeautiesByte LLC