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                       "Self Care"
                   and we want to be 

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Self care: The Practice of taking action topreserve or improve one's health
Thank You so much for checking Us out. We are a Mother, Daughter owned brand providing, handcrafted hair and skin care with prominent results. Self care is extremely important and is always needed, as to why We also carry some great CBD products as well. For those who are unfamiliar, CBD is derived from a Hemp plant and provides a natural relief of anxiety, depression, stress, aches, pains, even promotes a sense of calmness and sleep. While it is the active ingredient of marijuana Our CBD does NOT contain THC. So buy using Your receiving the "calm" without a "high". CBD is 100% natural and has been known to work wonders. 
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All products are handmade with 100% natural, high quality ingredients. Please THOROUGHLY read through the Product description before purchasing & using Our products

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We are located in New Jersey

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