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I (Darya), am a certified dialysis technician and single mom to two amazing girls, who also happen to be my business partners (Amonyai (left) & Ameii. Our products came to life16 yrs ago after giving birth. My hair and skin became severely sensitive and unmanageable. I bought and tried what was popular (non natural brands) or what I saw on tv to no avail. As my hair and skin issues worsened, I began to research natural ingredients and benefits. After enlightening myself on a few things, I turned into a chemist and concocted what now is "Nourishing hair balm" and " Beneficial body butter"

That was just our discovery. 3 years in business and counting, 40+ products in our store catalogue and counting. 

We know how difficult it can be to find a good product your hair & skin will like. Our brand caters to just that, being what your hair & skin needs. 

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