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About Us

All of Our Products are gentle enough for the entire Family, made with Love from Ours to Yours. Our Hair Oil is great for All grades of Hair, its extremely light and will not weigh hair down. It can be used on wet, or dry hair & styled as desired. Nourishing Hair Balm is what We like to call Our Multi-use hair care oil, it incorporates well with other products and its not just for growth Its for hair care providing You with many amazing benefits. As for Our Body Butter, that will provide your skin with complete moisture as well as maintaining it for hours. It will cleanse Your pores eliminating acne keeping Your skin clean

My Discovery

In 2007,  about a year after I had my first child, my hair was shedding uncontrollably. I had spent a ridiculous amount of money on different products, in search of something that would nourish my hair, reduce the shedding, and make it grow. I found nothing! So I began to research how natural products would be beneficial for hair. Even that was a process, because not all mixtures contributed to what I was looking for or needed. While experimenting (what is now NHB) I noticed a difference in my hair in a little over a week. I was shocked since my hair was doing so bad. Fast forward 12 years, the 8 in 1 "All Natural" ingredients is now Nourishing Hair Balm, a product for all your hair care needs!