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Natural Beauty

Our Products are Vegetable & Plant based, making  them 100% All Natural and gentle for Children & Infants to use. We are a "Nut Free" Brand (Our Products DO contain Coconut oil which is NOT a Botanical nut and the Coconut is classified as a fruit, being used topically most have no allergy issues) . Ingredients consist of only Pure grade, USDA approved essential and carrier oils. 
The process of "Personal Upkeep" is and can sometime become a hassle but Our Brand is here to assist with that. Our Nourishing Hair Balm will provide amazing -Growth -Nourishment -Moisture -Reduction of Shedding -Soothing of irritation -Reduction of itch & dryness For Hair as well as Beards for the Men. NHB makes a fantastic Beard Care oil. As for Our Beneficial Body butter, hands down best skin care! Its hand whipped raw Shea butter with essential Oils to provide -Ultimate moisture -Smooth clean clean -Reduction of blemishes& stretch marks -Is a Natural sunscreen & insect repellent -Will reduce skin acne, just to name a few   

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Check out Our favorite products that provide extreme nourishment and natural shine to Your hair and skin.


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This Beauty has only used NHB consistently for 1 week & check out Her growth already! You can also see how it soothed and reduced her scalp irritation